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Ø 25-Ø 125 steel ball forming production line

Ø 25-Ø 125 steel ball forming production line


Forever Electromechanical can produce power from 160KW to 800KW, with a heating diameter 20- 150, unlimited length of steel bars, PLC closed-loop control automatic steel ball hot rolling heating furnace can be achieved according to customer needs. Is this set of steel ball continuous rolling heating furnace

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Forever Electromechanical specializes in manufacturing intelligent fully automatic hot rolled steel ball heating line , engaged in the induction heating industry for more than 20 years, with rich practical production experience and successful cases. The steel pipe hot rolling equipment has the advantages of efficient production, beautiful appearance of heated products, smooth surface, and high qualified rate of finished products. Welcome to visit the factory and negotiate business.

Forever  Electromechanical currently has a production and research and development team composed of outstanding personnel in the industry, constantly innovating and taking personalized customer needs as the basic starting point. The steel ball production line strictly follows the GB/T 8649-1988 rolling steel ball standard and YB/T091-2005 forging (rolling) steel ball black metallurgy industry standard for production, and is highly welcomed by users with higher energy efficiency and reliability.

The main components of automatic hot rolling ball production line :

1. Storage rack and automatic material conveying device;
2. Induction heating furnace and temperature control device;
3. Steel ball oblique rolling unit;
4. Steel ball lifting and conveying cooling device;
5. Isothermal quenching device;
6. Trolley type or online mesh belt type tempering furnace;
7. Automatic control system for quenching temperature, quenching water outlet, and tempering temperature.
Overview of the principle and process of forging grinding ball production line :

The steel ball oblique rolling mill is used to produce steel balls. When oblique rolling steel balls, in order to make the spiral direction on the rolling mill roll correspond to the spiral direction on the rolling piece, the axis of the rolling mill roll and the axis of the rolling piece form an angle with each other, and the angle between the two rolls is generally 2-6;, There is a spiral groove on the rolling mill. When the two rollers rotate in the same direction, the billet rotates in the opposite direction between the rollers and moves forward. Under the action of the spiral groove, the round steel billet gradually turns into a spherical shape, and the connecting neck between the spherical shapes becomes thinner and thinner. Finally, it breaks to obtain the steel ball.

After sales service for Forever  Electromechanical steel ball forming production line:

1. Company strength guarantee: Our company will establish a dedicated after-sales service system for the induction heating equipment project;
2. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.
3. Under equal competitive conditions, our company sincerely offers you the most favorable price without compromising the technical performance of the bar heating equipment or changing product components.
4. During the warranty period, the supplier will provide free repair and replacement for parts damaged due to quality reasons on the hot-rolled steel ball heating production line. For parts damaged outside the warranty period, the provided accessories will only be charged at cost. For equipment damage caused by human factors on the demand side, the supplier’s repair or provided accessories will be calculated at cost price.


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