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Surface induction hardening equipment

Surface induction hardening equipment


Application Metal material heating, reheating, preheating, diathermy, partial heating
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Surface heat treatment equipment


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With advanced induction heating technology and thoughtful after-sales service, Forever surface hardening equipment has got good reputations from our users.Our surface hardening equipment is of high quality and long service life.


Surface Hardening heat treatment furnace丨machine performance advantages

● All solid state IGBT frequency conversion and soft switching resonant double control and frequency automatic tracking technology is the guarantee of high reliability;

● Small size can save much more production space for users.

● High efficiency and energy saving:  high power factor and power efficiency in the range of full power;

● Broadband 1 to 20KHZ frequency automatic tracking ability, no need field debugging;

● 100% full load, 24 hours of continuous work capacity;

● Constant output voltage / constant output power control selection function;

●  Frequency, power, voltage and current full display.

Forever is the leading manufacturer of surface hardening equipment in China.We have large workshop,perfect testing system and powerful after-sales service team support.

Dear buyer,

Please kindly let us know:

The work piece and the material?

The hardening depth?

The heating requirement?

Then we will choose the suitable power and frequency for you.

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