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Aluminum bar induction heating furnace

Aluminum bar induction heating furnace


Application: Forging & Forging

Material Heated:Aluminum & Alloy Aluminum

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Heating temperature:500°C

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Product name:Aluminum bar induction heating furnace

Bar diameter: ø20-300mm

Heating temperature: 450-500℃

Power consumption:280-300kwh/t


Aluminum bar induction heating furnace & solution supplier–Forever is dedicated to help you to choose effective aluminum induction heating machine at reasonable price.

Induction heating is fast, precise, clean, energy efficient, controllable and repeatable. At present, the induction heating furnace is replacing gas furnace and coal furnace gradually.

With reliable control system and years of experience, Forever Induction aluminum bar heater

can provide bars precious and uniform heating to meet the forging, extrusion or shear requirement.


Induction aluminum bar heater benefits

Precise control provides consistent temperature uniformity and exact repeatability. Forgings have fewer inclusions and improved surface finish because of reduced scale.

Induction heats only the workpiece using only the needed energy to achieve the exact temperature. New solid state power supplies seek the best frequency for the load further improving operating flexibility and efficiency.

An integral induction heating system increases productivity because it is easily integrated with in-place processes. An induction heater, not the operator, sets the pace for the production rate. Induction heaters can be started from cold to achieve full production rates within minutes. Heaters are designed for automatic hold cycles during delays and rapid recovery at re-start.

Limited Material in Process
Induction heating requires fewer parts in-process which reduces the chance of rescheduling errors and substantially reduces material inventories.

Reduced Scale & Increased Tooling Life
Induction heating brings the work piece up to temperature in the shortest possible time and in effect reduces the amount of scale which improves the surface finish of the end product and increases the customer’s tooling life.

The only use of refractory in an induction system is in the coils. With the benefit of long coil life in an ATM induction system, refractory repairs and relining are greatly minimized. Die life is also extended with the drastic scale reduction.

Typical scale loss in gas fired furnaces is 3% and from induction 0.5%. Consequently, for each ton of forgings the raw steel purchased is reduced by 2.5%.

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