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Forging steel ball heating furnace

Forging steel ball heating furnace


Power 100KW-8000KW
Frequency 500Hz-8000Hz
Heating Diameter Ø16-150MM
Automatic Operation Siemens PLC

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Product Name: Forging steel ball heating furnace

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Forever is engaged in producing  steel ball hot rolling production linesteel ball hot rolling furnace, round bar induction heating system, steel billet rolling production line, steel bar forging heating furnace. Welcome send us inquiry,we will be glad to give you the best offer.

Forging steel ball furnace advantages:

● As the principle of the Medium frequency induction heating furnace is electromagnetic induction, the heat will generate in the work piece itself. As a result, the ordinary workers can do continuous forging work within ten minutes.

● Our forging steel ball equipment does not need professional workers to burn the furnace and seal the furnace.User need not worry about the waste billet phenomenon due to equipment failure or power off.

● Due to the heating temperature rising rapidly, so the oxidation is little.Compared with coal furnace,our equipment can save 20-520 kgs steel material per ton.The material utilization rate can reach 95%.

● Uniform heating and small temperature difference between surface and the core.This can also increase die life greatly.The forgings surface roughness  is less than 50um.

● Medium frequency induction furnace creates a good working environment,improving labor environment and the company’s image. No pollution and low energy consumption.

● The application of the temperature control system can realize the accurate temperature control  and improve the product quality and the qualification rate.


steel ball forging equipment after-sales service

● Our factory will be responsible for installing and adjusting forging steel ball furnace and provide technical training for the operators.

● We will provide elementary electrical diagram and the  external wiring diagram.

● Forever sales person will give the reply within 24 hour once receive user’s call or email.

● Provide 12 months quality guarantee and long life technical support and spare parts service.

Forging-induction-heat-treatment-furnace 锻造感应加热处理炉


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