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Shaft induction hardening heat treatment furnace

Shaft induction hardening heat treatment furnace


Application Shaft hardening, tempering, quenching and tempering
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
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Product NameShaft induction heat treatment furnace

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Forever Forever provides shaft hardening heat treatment furnace is used for various sizes of shaft hardening heat treatment with advanced induction heating technology, reliable performance and thoughtful after-sales service team.Any request about shaft induction heat treating, please send us email.

Processing Technology and Technical Parameters of shaft hardening heat treatment furnace

● Heating steel material grade:  Low alloy steel

● Shaft specification:(Ø16,Ø25)mm×(3000~4000)mm

● Hardening temperature: 900℃(The specific heating temperature can be adjusted according to the hardness requirement).

● Hardening depth:1.1~2.3mm(or 5%~13% from the shaft diameter,hardness after hardening HRC≥60).

● Heating speed:60 pieces per hour for Ø25mm×4000mm;120 pieces per hour for Ø16mm×4000mm.

● Working process:

Storage rack-automatic turning material- transmitting material-hardening heating- spraying- material receiving

All the process except for manual crane loading can be finished automatically controlled by PLC. And all the productive process can be recorded automatically.

● In order to make sure the shaft can rotate on the roller and ensure uniform heating and water spraying,we specially design two sets of three roller device to meet shaft rotation rate requirement.

● According to the above requirements,we design 160 KW power and 20000Hz frequency for the shaft hardening  Heat treatment equipment


● PLC automatic control 

Siemens PLC and 10-inch color touch screen

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