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Electric induction heating furnace

Electric induction heating furnace


Application Bar, pipe, billet, strip, wire, slab, plate heating, annealing, quenching
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
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Product Name electric induction heating furnace


Typical application:

Forever electric induction heating furnace used for heating a wide range of bar, pipe, billet or wire diameters with the advanced electromagnetic induction heating technology, which is featured as fast heating, high heating efficiency and lower power consumption. We will provide the most energy saving solutions and competive electric induction furnace price.


Electric induction heating furnace configuration:

● IGBT air cooled induction heating power supply
● Furnace rack (including compensation capacitor, waterway, circuit)
●  Induction heating equipment inductor
● Connect conductor / copper bar (power to furnace).
●  Automatic feeding device for discharging platform
●  The mechanical action of the furnace for steel billet is controlled by automatic timing. The manual operation only needs to put the steel into the feeding platform before the furnace.

Performance features of electric induction furnace

● Electric induction furnace can start working without preheating;continuous work is available;

● The user can adjust the power to shorten or lengthen the heating time;

● Our  electric induction furnace has manual and automatic heating functions;

● Our  electric induction furnace can satisfy round bar diathermy requirements or partial heating requirements.

● There is heating indication in the heating process;

● The heating power and heating time is adjustable;

● The power supply has strict purview management system and perfect one key to restore system.

●  The  Induction heat treatment machine  system has protection and alarm indication for over voltage, over current, phase, temperature, pressure ;

● We can equip cooling system such as plate heat exchanger or pure water circulating cooling tower.

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