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Slab Heat Treatment Furnace

Slab Heat Treatment Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Slab,Billet, Bars,Pipes,Wire and special workpiece

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace is engaged in manufacturing slab heat treatment furnace for more than 16 years. Our slab heat treatment furnace has superior performance,high automation, simple operation and reasonable price.Welcome your inquiry.24 hours hot line:+86-13303078975.

Advantages of Slab Heat Treatment Furnace

1.Heating speed is fast:The Max.speed is less than 1 second and the user can adjust heating speed by regulating power.

2.Wide heating range:Available heating various kinds of metal material(make induction coils as per work piece shape and heating process).

3.Convenient Installment:You can use slab heat treatment furnace after you connect power,induction coils and water inlet and outlet.

4.Simple operation:The operator can master it within several minutes.(Professional personnel will give technical training)

5.The starting is fast:the furnace can start to work after power and cooling water supply.

6.Less power consumption:Saving electricity 70% than old electrical tube.

7.Perfect protection:There are multiple protections, such as overflow current, superheat Overload, lacking phase.

8.Good heating effect:Uniform heating and rapid temperature increase.

9.Full load design:Our slab heat treatment furnace can work for 24 hours constantly.

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Forever Furnace is the professional manufacturer of slab heat treatment furnace and reliable performance and thoughtful service has make our induction heat treatment furnace win the market.

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