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Billet induction heater

Billet induction heater


● Billet section size: 130*130mm2 

● Billet length: 8 meters

● Temperature before charging induction heater: 700-800 ℃

● Temperature after induction heater: 1100-1200 ℃

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The user only need to set the required temperature, the billet induction heater system will automatically adjust the power or the billet running speed of the billet according to the temperature detected by the infrared temperature measurement to ensure that billet temperature reaches the setting requirements.

Technical requirement and process for billet induction heater 

● Billet section size: 130*130mm2 
● Billet length: 8 meters
● Billet Bending: ≤ 2‰ of billet length
● Temperature before charging induction heater: 700-800 ℃
● Temperature after induction heater: 1100-1200 ℃
●  Electrical heating power: 4000KW

● Heating way: Electromagnetic induction heating

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Main configuration for billet induction heater

● Medium frequency power supply device——————— KGPS-4000KW/0.5KHZ
● Medium frequency capacitor cabinet———————– 2.0-3000-0.5
● Induction heating unit————————————— 130*130*1600 mm
● Connection cable——————————————— One set
● Remote control console Power supply start, stop, temperature display ; closed loop control, PLC touch screen for automatic control,
● Infrared thermometer(High temperature type)
● Inverter cabinet———————————————- Including 2 sets of 15KW converter
● Frequency reducer——————————————- DLR07-65-11KW

Questions about billet induction heater you may know:

1.How do you get the power of billet induction heater?

The billet heating system power is decided by the billet production capacity. You only tell us the billet size and capacity, then we will give you Optimum power.

2.How do you solve the harmonic problem?

Every induction furnace of our plant is using special transformers to reduce the impact of harmonics on the power grid.

3. What is the maintenance cost for one set of billet induction heater per year?

 In one year, the user only need to replace refractory cement for the induction heating coil, other parts will not has problem easily under normal operation.

Our billet induction heating system is widely used for various sizes of billet like 120*120, 150*150, 60*60, 75*75, 100*100, 135*135 and so on.

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