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Stainless pipe heat treatment line

Stainless pipe heat treatment line


Application: Stainless pipe heat treatment

Heating temperature:  1100 ℃

PLC automatic control 

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Technical requirement for stainless pipe heat treatment line

●  Steel pipe material:stainless steel

●  Steel pipe size: Ø (304mm) * 8000 mm wall thickness 4mm;

                             Ø (406.4mm) * 8000mm wall thickness 15mm;

We work out the technical parameters on the basis of the two tubes as the standard.

.● .Production process: solution heat treatment

● .Quenching temperature: Design as per specific material and heat treatment requirements,usually about 1100 ℃

● Heating way: Electromagnetic induction heating

●  PLC automatic control for the whole complete production line

●  Quenching furnace includes 4 segments(coil),each segment(coil) is about 700mm.

●  Loading & unloading material design for this equipment,Feeding & discharging device are driven by RV;The rollers for heating furnace and water spray box are driven frequency control motor and reducer.

Stainless pipe heat treatment furnace

Fine design for stainless pipe induction heat treatment furnace

●  Two kinds of designs for steel pipe heating diameter of 304/406: Two sets of heating furnace, which is integrated quick-change type.

●  Main steel material of main frame: rectangular steel pipe 120 * 80 * 3; equipment installation is adjustable(adjustment range ± 20mm)

●  Quenching water spray box is made of stainless steel, and the drive shaft of the water spray box is controlled by independent frequency control motor. In order to observe the water flow easily, there is visual flow-meter on the main water injection circle.

The stainless pipe heat treatment line must meet the the following three conditions if the induction heating system you need want to produce qualified products

●  The transportation system of steel pipe must self-rotate and move forward at the same time, smooth running and the speed is adjustable.

●  Strict heating temperature closed-loop control: no matter what the power grid voltage fluctuation or other reasons, the system can ensure steel pipe temperature difference is ±10℃.

●  The real-time monitoring water spray system with adjustable flow and pressure.

Our stainless pipe heat treatment line can be used for stainless pipe induction quenching, stainless pipe annealing, solution and so on. Welcome to send us your inquiry !

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