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Auto Spring Heating Furnace

Auto Spring Heating Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Auto spring,Auto gear,Auto front axle,Auto rear axle,Shaft,Hardware tools

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization


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Forever Furnace auto spring heating furnace is non-standard product which is used for auto spring heating,auto spring surface hardening, auto spring annealing and auto spring tempering. Please tell us the specification,heating temperature and heating efficiency of the auto spring,we will give you the best offer and solutions for auto spring heating.

Application for Auto Spring Heating Furnace

1.Heating before forging: Forging heating process is applied to auto spring,auto  gear, ring gear, axle rod, bearings, shackles, rigging;

2.Online heating: Pipeline anti-corrosion coating,steel (wire)  pipe quenching and tempering process;

3.Partial heating: U-bolt bending, heat roller assembly, steel pipe bending heating process.

Features of Auto Spring Heating Furnace

1.High  automation:Forever steel billet forging system can realize fully automatic unmanned operation and improve labor productivity.

2.Uniform heating and high precision temperature control:Uniform heating to ensure that there is only little temperature difference from the surface to the bore.The user can control the heating temperature exactly through temperature control system so that we can ensure product repeatability.

3.Fast heating speed and less oxidation and decarbonization: As the induction heating principle is electromagnetic induction, the heat will generate in the work piece itself. This heating method can make the material temperature increase rapidly and ensure the heating efficiency.

4.Induction furnace replacement is simple: Depending on the size of the work piece,we need to configure  different specifications of induction furnaces which have been designed with quick change coupler for power and water. So furnace replacement is simple, fast and convenient.

5.Low energy consumption and no pollution: compared with other heating methods, Forever steel billet forging system has high heating efficiency,  effectively reducing energy consumption.

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Forever Furnace can not only provide high quality auto spring heating furnace but also we are the specialist of Induction heat treatment furnace who will give you the most energy saving and suitable solutions.


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