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Sucker Rod Hardening and Tempering System

Sucker Rod Hardening and Tempering System


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Sucker rod,Piston rod,Axle shaft,Anchor bolt,Steel tie rod,Oil drill pipe

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Specialized producing sucker rod hardening and tempering system,sucker rod hardening and tempering furnace,Forever Furnace give professional customization service as each sucker rod heating equipment processing equipment is different.So you need to tell us the outline dimensions,heating temperature and heating efficiency of the sucker rod when you send us inquiry.

The Specific Process of Sucker Rod Hardening and Tempering System

1.Automatic Feeding System: The workers put the sucker rod on the storage rack and well,then the automatic feeding system will transmit the sucker rod to the parallel rollers.

2.Induction Hardening:With stable running speed of the driving system,the transmission system will deliver the sucker rod in the induction heater.The infrared thermometer will monitor and control the sucker rod temperature automatically in the processing of Reheating-Temperature-Measurement-Raising Temperature-Temperature Measurement.After sucker rod temperature reaches to the target quenching temperature,they will be cooled in the cooling device. Then the transmission system will deliver the sucker rods to the feeding system to wait for the next heat treatment.At the same time, the hardening rejection will be isolated.

3.Tempering System:The sucker rod after hardening processing will be transmitted to the induction heaters for reheating under the infrared thermometer control.Then the sucker rods will move to the cabinet to preserve heat. After holding temperature time,the straightened sucker rods will be sent to to the parallel rollers.

4.Automatic Discharging System:The sucker rods will be transmitted to the discharging system for natural cooling.

5.Inspection and Storage.

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Forever Furnace is the professional induction heating system producer since 1999 and has its own unique strength : Leading research and development technology, advanced production process, superior after-sales service, first-class talents team and scientific management method.More details about medium frequency hardening and tempering equipment, please contact us.

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