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Steel Ball Hot Rolling Production Line

Steel Ball Hot Rolling Production Line


1.Available Power:100KW-8000KW

2Available Frequency:500Hz-8000Hz

3.Heating Diameter:Ø16-150MM

4.Steel bar length is unlimited.PLC Closed-Loop Control;Unmanned Control Process of Automatic Feeding and Heating.

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Steel ball hot rolling production linesteel ball hot rolling heating furnace is produced by Forever Furnace.We can provide the complete set of steel ball production line including automatic feeding machine,induction heaters for steel bar,skew rolling mill,power supply and PLC console.

Advantages for Steel Ball Hot Rolling Production Line

1.High productivity.We take 60mm diameter steel ball as a sample.The output is 70-80 balls per minute and the quantity is 7 tons per hour.The quantity of 50 tons per shift is 20 times than air hammer.

2.Top quality.The size and the hardness of the steel ball produced by skew ball rolling mill is the same.The difference between the surface and the core is very small,which makes balls performance stable and the good product percentage can be more than 98%.

3.Good working environment.With our induction heating furnace,there is almost no heat, noise and dust.And the labors need not take too energy to use air hammer.

4.Easy operation and full automation.No cutting before heating the round billet and no professional skill,the workers can operate the machine only receiving simple training.The workers won’t worry the unqualified product any more and feel happy to work.

Hot Rolled Steel Ball Features

1.Smooth surface:No surface defection,no deformation and good roundness with forging process.

2.Internal tight:Compared with casting process,the forging steel has the features of high internal density and fine granularity which reduce the breakage rate.

3.Both dry and damp grinding available.With superior alloy steel material,the steel ball has good performance of anti-friction and corrosion which is especially used for mine industry.

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Forever Furnace can not only provide good quality induction heating furnace for steel ball manufacturing but we can give you the most suitable heating solutions!


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