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Stainless Steel Inducution Heating Furnace

Stainless Steel Inducution Heating Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel,Deformed Steel,PC Steel Bar,Axle Shaft

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product; Professional Customization 

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Forever Furnace stainless steel induction heating furnace  is non-standard product, so every stainless steel heating furnace supplied to customers is different.

So you need to tell us your stainless steel outline dimensions,heating temperature and heating efficiency,then we will give you professional customized stainless steel heating furnace.No matter your workpiece is stainless round bars or stainless pipes, we can all meet your requirement.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Heating Furnace

1.Saving Electricity.IGBT component design can save 30% electricity than electronic tube type.

2.Stable Performance and Perfect Protection.The stainless steel heating furnace won’t stop to work without reasons.

3.Fast heating speed,less oxidation layer and little deformation.

4.Compact volume,light weight and simple installment.

5.Environmental protection,no noise,dust and pollution.

6.Suitable for wide application and material.

Forever Furnace Customer Commitment for Stainless Steel Heating Furnace

1.The service mode of “1+2”,that is one sales person and one after-sales person will serve you once you buy our stainless steel heating furnace.

2.Provide local installment instruction and adjustment free of charge for stainless steel heating furnace.Responsible for the local training for  the technician and operator.

3.Provide technical document including the Electricity Schematic Diagram.

4.One year warranty period,long term technical service and spare parts support.

5.For the new equipment,we will make a call every 15 days to know the equipment quality status.

6.If the customer equipment failure must be solved in customer’s factory,we will send technician to solve problem within 48 hours.

Forever Furnace has more than 16 years of experience of induction heating system, and our heating furnace series consists of  bar induction heating furnace,billet  heating furnace,pipe heating furnace,slab heating furnace , hardware heating furnace and so on. Welcome to visit our factory for negotiation!

bar-induction-heat-treatment-furnace 钢棒感应热处理炉

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