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Stainless Steel Induction Heating Furnace For Forging

Stainless Steel Induction Heating Furnace For Forging


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel,Spring Steel,Deformed Steel,PC Steel Bar,Grinding Rod

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product;Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace has mature technology of  stainless steel forging heating furnace for forging.Equipped with import infrared thermometer device for the hardening and tempering process,our equipment can control heating temperature automatically.At the same time,the user can adjust the temperature by adjusting power.For the transmission system,speed motor design can make the user adjust the running speed and power,Under the circumstances that all the operations are controlled by the central control console,the user only need to press the button of the operation system to start or stop the machine running.

Composition Structure for Stainless Steel Heat Treatment Equipment for Forging

1.Power Supply Part

For the superaudio frequency which is in 20-30KHZ,we will use solid IGBT induction heating power supply because IGBT has good features of small occupation,good water saving performance and higher output voltage safety factor.

2.Machinery Part

Machinery part is controlled by PLC which has features of accurate control.

Reliable Performance of stainless steel forging heat treatment furnace for Forging

1.PLC control design plays an important role during adjusting the processing parameters.If there is any change for process requirement,the user only need to change the PLC program.

2.The head temperature and the tail temperature of the material is monitored by infrared thermometer,which reduce the interference and cost.

Customer Service Commitment for Stainless Steel Heat Treatment Equipment for Forging

1.Once you buy our equipment,we will arrange one after-sales person and one sales person to service you.

2.Keep a record for all the feedback from you and give you the reply within 24 working hours.

3.For the problem which must be solved in your local factory,we will send technician to solve  within 48 working hours.

4.For the new equipment,we will make a call every 15 days to know the running status.

5.Provide a list of spar parts free of charge.certificate

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