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Metal Heat Treatment Furnace

Metal Heat Treatment Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Metal, Steel bar, Steel pipe, Billet, Slab, Shaft, Gear,Guide rail

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Metal heat treatment furnace from Forever Furnace is used for metal heat treatment such as metal heating, metal surface hardening, metal hardening and tempering and metal reheating. The metal material can be copper, copper alloy, cupro-nickel, low alloy steels, stainless Steels, nickel based super alloys, aluminum, steel etc.

Please tell us the metal material  grade,the dimension and heating process requirement, then we will design and manufacture metal heat treatment furnace for you.

Advantages of Metal Heat Treatment Furnace

1.High induction heating efficiency:the Max. efficiency of induction heat treatment furnace can be up to 70%,especially the induction furnace efficiency can reach 75%.

2.Due to less heat loss for metal heat treatment furnace, the workshop temperature has reduced greatly so as to improve the working conditions in the workplace.Metal heat treatment furnace does not produce smoke and soot. Therefore, it purify the workshop environment.

3.Due to fast heating speed,high efficiency and short heating time for  billet heating furnace, so metal of oxide skin burning rate is only 0.5% – 1%.

4.Fast heating speed of metal heat treatment furnace can improve productivity greatly,and work equipped with other equipment in the same production line.

5.Making full use of the advantage of fast heating speed, our furnace can give additional heat for the metal which makes the metal surface reaches the required temperature rapidly.In this way,we will make full use of its waste heat. So the energy saving effect is obvious.

The Customer Service for Metal Heat Treatment Furnace

1.Provide free field installment and adjustment in user’s factory.And we can provide technical training for the operators.

2.We will provide complete set of technical documents including electrical diagram.

3.A free of spare parts list is available.

4.We will give response within 24 hours since receiving customer’s call or email.

5.For new metal heat treatment furnace, we will make a call to know the running status every 15 days.

Forever Furnace is the leading manufacturer of metal heat treatment furnace in China.So far we have sold thousands of sets of induction heat treatment furnace and they are running very well. If you have any questions about metal heat treatment, please send us email at

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