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Induction Heat Treatment Heater

Induction Heat Treatment Heater


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Deformed bar, Rebar,Sucker rod,Drill pipe,Leaf spring,Steel ball

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever induction heat treatment heater has replaced the traditional gas heating furnace and trolley type heating furnace, which is suitable for induction heat treatment of different workpieces.

The induction heat treatment heater adopts PLC control system, which is easy to operate. The induction heat treatment heater can realize the functions of automatic workpiece conveying, heating, water cooling, high temperature tempering and automatic unloading.

Advantages for Induction Heat Treatment Heater

1.With double insulation treatment for the Induction heat treatment heater,the service life and reliability increases three times.Thin furnace lining design increase electric energy conversion efficiency which reaches to the target of saving energy and reducing consumption.

 2.With hundreds of sets of inductor design experience and advanced process,our coil design achieve the best matching of high efficiency working using superior raw material and mature process.The electricity consumption is 380KWH per forgings.

3.Computer system monitors and controls auto rear axle heating process and record all the technical parameters.

Technical Support for Induction Heat Treatment Heater

1.Powerful after-sale service team.Specialized personal  are ready to provide the technical support of equipment installment,adjustment, maintenance and trouble shooting at any time.

2.With excellent technical instruction,we can ensure the reliability of induction heating process and final product qualification rate.

3.In order to analysis failures and supply spare parts,the users can contact with us on telephone or internet.

4.There are all kinds of accessories that are most frequently used in our warehouse,so we can supply the required accessories as soon as possible.

5.We provide the tool matching with the offered production equipment such as inductor,coil(wearing parts).

Forever Furnace can not only supply you good quality induction heat treatment heater but also we can equip the complete induction heat treatment production line.Welcome your inquiry!

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