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Induction Forging Heating System

Induction Forging Heating System


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Round steel,Carbon steel,Deformed bar,Spring steel, PC steel bar

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace Induction forging heating system adopts advanced induction heating process, PLC closed-loop control system, which can monitor and control the temperature in the whole process.Our forging heating system includes automatic feeding and discharging system, induction heaters, central console and medium frequency power supply.

High Automation for Forever Furnace Forging Heating System

1)Computer control for all process parameters and will store parameters in the PLC. As long as the operators call up the corresponding process parameters, the system can start.

2) Friendly man-machine interfaces: The operator can operate without basic training,  and the product quality is independent of the operator.

Forever Furnace forging heating system is used for bars and billet forging, hardening,annealing,extrusion forming brazing and so on. 

1.Heat Treatment

Used for auto spare parts high frequency hardening heat treatment such as gear,crankshaft,connection rod,shaft,axle shaft and camshaft.

2.Forging Industry

Used for steel slab heating,steel pipe heating,round steel heating before forging;standard parts and fastener diathermy forming.

3.Welding for carbide cutting tool;welding for brass,copper and stainless material;welding for diamond cutter.

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Forging heating equipment from Forever Furnace non-product, so we will design and manufacture the forging heating furnace as per your specific process requirements. Welcome to visit Forever Furnace factory for negotiation.



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