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D20-D50 steel ball hot rolling production line

D20-D50 steel ball hot rolling production line


 1.Available Power: 100KW-8000KW

2.Available Frequency:500Hz-8000Hz

3.Heating Diameter: Ø16-150MM 

4.PLC Closed-loop Control and Automatic Operation

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With the mature induction heating technology and design experience, Forever Furnace is the prominent Exporter & Manufacturer of D20-D50 steel ball hot rolling production line.

Description for D20-D50 steel ball hot rolling production line

Raw Material   Carbon steel,alloy steel
Steel Ball Size                                          D20mm-D50 mm                                                                        
Length As per user’s requirement
Usage Grinding media

D20-D50 steel ball hot rolling production line (off-line tempering) process flow

1.Steel bar inspection:  straightness and surface crack.

2.Feeding material:Crane will lift the material to the rack,then the device will turn the material to the roller table for transmission.

3.Heating: set the heating temperature ; automatic controlled by PLC.

4.Skew rolling:Matching with induction heating furnace,frequency converter motor can meet different sizes of steel balls speed requirement by regulating the speed.

5.Adjusting the steel ball quenching temperature.

6.Screening and cooling:Filter the incomplete steel balls and make the steel balls cool.

7.Separate the selected balls to two parts and send to quenching tank.

8.Single or multi line quenching.

9.Cooling:Finished steel balls cooling to the room temperature.

10.Inspection and packing.

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Please send us the steel ball size,production capacity,then we will design the complete steel ball hot rolling production line for you.This process has improved the productivity and reduced the labor cost greatly.

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