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Rolling Steel Ball heating Equipment

Rolling Steel Ball heating Equipment


1.Available Power:100KW-8000KW

2.Available Frequency:500Hz-8000Hz

3.Heating Diameter:Ø16-150MM 

4.PLC Closed-Loop Control and Automatic Operation

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Devotion makes Forever professional! Forever Furnace is devoted to designing and producing rolling steel ball equipment,rolling steel ball system,steel ball hot rolling production line since 1999.

In 2009,we designed and manufacture the first 2500KW skew rolling line used for continuous steel bar heating in China.The skew rolling production line can heat the steel bar of Ø19- Ø150 with power from 160KW to 2500KW and frequency from 500Hz to 8000Hz.But the length of steel bar can be according to  the customers’ specific requirement.In 2012, we designed and manufactured 4000KW steel bar induction heating line. It save our customer great electricity.

Rolling steel ball is a new rolling technology, which is a breakthrough  in the steel ball manufacturing industry and replace the casting ball gradually. Rolling steel ball has the following characteristics:

[1] Rolling steel ball has all the advantages of steel and become high quality grinding steel ball after heat treatment process.

[2]High production efficiency , big output , high automation and little labor cost,so the human factor interference is small.

[3] Rolling steel ball has good features of stable quality, high hardness,good hardenability, fine grain size and deformation. Rolling steel ball will not be deformed without losing the round. The impact ductility can be up to 12 35J/cm2 and the broken rate is less than 1%.

[4] Low energy consumption, no pollution, low labor intensity and low production cost.

[5] Good shape, small geometric tolerance and stable quality.

[6] Low wear rate but long service life.It is 2~5 times of the existing cast iron ball and forged steel ball,but the price is almost the same.

[7] Rolling steel ball hardness can be up to 60~67HRC. The hardness difference from the surface to the core is less than 5HRC.

[8] Impact ductility can be as high as 12~35J/cm3.

[9] Big specific gravity(7.8~7.85J/cm3).

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Rolling steel ball equipment,hot rolling steel ball equipment,steel  ball induction heating system from Forever has got good reputations from our customers from home and abroad.Welcome to visit our factory and negotiation!

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