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Copper Bar Heat Treatment Equipment

Copper Bar Heat Treatment Equipment


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Copper, Steel,Stainless steel,Aluminum,Deformed bar

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace copper bar heat treatment equipment is used for various sizes of copper heating, copper hardening, copper tempering, copper hardening and tempering.

Our copper heat treatment equipment can ensure the automatic control for the process of copper heating so as to meet the user’s requirements.


All furnace controls and transfer mechanism shall be controlled through PLC Automated and HMI based control system, setting of the temperature in HMI, PLC has to be provided as per the job temperature requirement, and temperature is to be displayed in HMI. PLC will be Siemens make. Temperature measuring instrument shall be a thermocouple (K type) and two colour pyrometer for different grades of material. Temperature measurement of hot billet’ s surface is to be carried out with a spring loaded thermocouple. The thermocouple elements are mounted on pneumatic cylinder. Also, one additional temperature monitoring device (Two colour pyrometer) shall be provided approximately in the middle of the coil length.

Advantages of Forever Furnace Copper Heat Treatment Equipment

1.Forever Furnace can equip with automatic feeding machine,driving system,automatic discharging machine,water cooling system,PLC console and medium frequency power supply.

2.According to user’s process demands, we can provide professional and cost-effective induction heat treatment equipment solutions.

3.Having powerful before-sales and after-sales service to ensure the quality of copper heat treatment equipment.

Service Commitment of Forever Furnace Copper Heat Treatment Equipment

Before-sales Service:You can inquiry our technician or call us at 0086-18932783253 when you need to buy copper heat treatment equipment.

Sales Service: Our engineer provide the technical solutions for your reference then we will confirm the product price and sign the contract.

After-sales Service:It’s our customer commitment that our factory is responsible for the product and satisfy user’s requirement.

Forever Furnace follows the principle of “Quality first;Users first” and “Survive with quality and service“! vistingcompany introduce

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