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Continuous Casting Billet Reheating production line

Continuous Casting Billet Reheating production line


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Continuous Casting Billet,Steel Billet,Steel Slab

2.Available Power:100KW-10000 KW

3.Non-standard Product;Professional Customization


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Continuous casting billet reheating production line is designed and manufactured by Forever Furnace including medium frequency,induction heater, automatic feeding system ,fast discharging system,infrared thermometer and PLC center console.Forever Furnace has exported many sets of  continuous casting billet reheating system to Taiwan and the production line is running very well in the local factory.

Continuous Casting Billet Reheating Line Local Application

The Technical Solutions for Continuous Casting Billet Reheating Line:

1.Reheating the continuous casting billet to 1100℃;

2.Uniform temperature performance:uniform temperature performance of continuous casting billet is better than natural status before heating after the billet going through the induction reheating furnace.

3.Medium frequency power supply:

(1)Raising the temperature from 800℃ to 1100℃ within one minute as per the technical requirement.The required heating power is 5700KW.

(2)Electricity consumption in theory is 38 degree per ton of billet(For example,the electricity consumption is 25 degree per ton if you need to raise 200℃.

(3)In order to ensure the reliability of the heating furnace continuous running,we separate 5700KW power supply into two sets,5700KW for each set.

(4)Technical parameters for medium frequency power supply:

No. Item Parameters
1 Master Power 5700KW
2 Single Power 5700KW
3 Incoming Line Voltage 1000 KW
4 Rectifier Pulse 12Pulse
5 IF Voltage 1600V
6 IF Frequency 1200HZ
7 Inductor Voltage 3200V

4.Induction heating furnace:

(1)Four segments of induction heating furnace equipped with one IF power supply.

(2)Billet size is 150mmX150mm,inductor size is 280mmX280mm,and the refractory material thickness is 20mm.The clearance between billet and refractory material is 45mm.

 Provide Spare Parts List Free of Charge for continuous casting billet reheating line :

(1) Main control panel:Three sets.

(2)Inverter panel:Three sets.

(3)SCR:Nine sets.

(4)Refractory material:One bag

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