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Steel Billet Induction Hot Rolling Furnace

Steel Billet Induction Hot Rolling Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Steel Billet,Continuous Casting Billet,Steel Slab

2.Available Power:100KW-10000 KW

3.Non-standard Production;Professional Customization

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Engaged in designing and manufacturing steel billet hot rolling fancet,Forever Furnace has mature induction heating technology and dedicated after-sales person.We have exported many sets of steel billet hot rolling equipment to Taiwan so far and got good feedback from our customers that the performance of equipment is very stable and can really save great electricity.

Steel Billet Hot Rolling Equipment Application

Advantages for Steel Billet Hot Rolling Equipment

1.We can provide the complete set of IF power supply,induction heater,automatic feeding device,discharging device,infrared thermometer device,and PLC control console.

2.Equipped with different induction heaters,our equipment can satisfy the processing requirement of different sizes billet heating and different target heating temperature value.

3.The steel billet hot rolling equipment can hold the temperature for processing and record the temperature of each billet automatically.

4.The steel billet hot rolling equipment has achieved unmanned operation.The user only need to check the running status after some time,thus saving the labor cost greatly.

The Technical Parameters for Steel Billet Hot Rolling Reheating Equipment:

1.Billet size:5000mm(Length)*120mm(Width)*120mm(Thickness)

2.The maximum transmission speed is 15m/min;the speed regulation range is 9-15 m/min.The steel billet speed is constant.

3.Temperature distribution

(1) The feature of billet section temperature distribution:the billet core temperature is 1100℃;the surface temperature is 800℃. The surface temperature need to raise by 300℃.

(2)The feature of billet head and tail temperature distribution:the head temperature is 50℃ higher than tail temperature.

4.The user need to ensure the billet section nose:less than 3mm and the camber need to be less than 30mm.

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As an experienced and professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment,Forever Furnace will give you solutions in the filed of induction heat treatment.


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