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Anchor Bolt Hardening and Tempering System

Anchor Bolt Hardening and Tempering System


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Anchor bolt,Bolt,Sucker rod,Auto front axle,Oil drill pipe,Oil casting pipe

2.Available Power:100KW-10000 KW

3.Non-standard Product;Professional Customization

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According to the particularity of heating, anchor bolt hardening and tempering system use online continuous heating to satisfy heating process requirements.

Anchor bolt hardening and tempering system adjusts temperature by power regulation and the mechanical drive part use the speed motor drive which can adjust the speed and power of anchor bolt.The center console control system will run the process.

Anchor Bolt Hardening and Tempering System Configuration:

1.Induction heating furnace for anchor bolt hardening and tempering

2.Automatic feeding system

3.Automatic discharging system

4.Discharging separator

5.Closed cooling water circulation system

Advantages of Anchor Bolt Hardening and Tempering System

1.The anchor bolt can be heated uniformly; the temperature can be controlled exactly.

2.Fast heating speed, little oxidation and decarbonization and high heating efficiency.

3.Low energy consumption and high heating efficiency.

4.Simple production and operation, flexible feeding and discharging, high degree of automation.

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