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Thick-wall steel tube heating furnace


Suitable for steel pipe seamless pipe, stainless steel pipe and other metal workpiece anti-corrosion spraying heat treatment

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Thick wall steel pipe spray heating furnace

Equipment name: thick wall steel pipe spray heating furnace

Equipment brand:Forever Electromechanical

Non-standard customization: Yes

Delivery period: within 20-50 days

Payment method: 30% down payment, and the balance shall be paid when picking up the goods

Mode of transportation: sea transportation

Features of thick wall steel pipe spray heating furnace:

◆ It is controlled by series resonant medium frequency power supply cabinet, voltage feedback series resonant circuit, IGBT frequency conversion, and the conversion efficiency is up to 98%;

◆ Fast heating speed, with automatic frequency tracking function, can always ensure high power factor in the whole process, regardless of the size of output power, the power factor is always greater than 0.93;

◆ Real-time display of workpiece temperature with American Raytheon thermometer, heating evenly;

◆ Less high-order harmonic components, small impact on the power grid and low energy consumption;

◆ It has complete protection circuit and high working reliability;

◆ The power part adopts modular design, which is convenient for maintenance;

◆ The thick-wall steel pipe spray heating furnace has no noise and dust, no pollution, high production efficiency, and belongs to energy-saving and environmental protection products.

◆ PLC human-machine interface control is adopted.


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