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Steel Pipe Hardening and Tempering Furnace

Steel Pipe Hardening and Tempering Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Steel Pipe,Oil Drill Pipe,Upset Tubing,External Upset Tubing,Steel Bar,Grinding Rod

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product;Professional Customization

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We are the one of the leading manufacturers of steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace in China,having more than more years of experience in the field of induction heating equipment and system.Our experienced engineer will  give you cost-effective solutions according to your material size and processing requirement.

Steel Pipe Hardening and Tempering Furnace

High Heating Efficiency of Forever Steel Pipe Induction Hardening and Tempering Furnace:

In this system,we use thyristor medium frequency induction heating power supply for the low temperature range and the IGBT super-audio frequency power will work when the heating temperature reaches to the curie temperature.That make sure the heating efficiency is over 80%.

The Configurations and Features of Steel Pipe Induction Hardening and Tempering System:

1.IF power supply:

This line is equipped with thyristor IF power supply and IGBT super-audio frequency power supply. The equipment has reasonable wiring,strict assembly process and the perfect protection system.The power factor is high and easy operation and maintenance.

2.Feeding System:

This system consists of feeding frame,variable frequency motor,air cylinder,steel roller and so on.There is high temperature insulation material between steel roller and inner sleeve.The inner sleeve connects with shaft key.It is more convenient to disassemble and protect the steel pipes from surface burning by contacting with steel roller during transmitting.

3.Induction heater:

Induction heater has four sets of inductors.The length is 1m each one.

4.The fast switch of induction heaters:

a)Four sets of inductors switch:Lifting, sliding type positioning installation as a whole.quick change connector for water supply device and stainless steel king-bolt connection for electricity.

b)Single inductor switch:quick change connector for water supply device and stainless steel king-bolt connection for electricity.

c)Inductor copper pipe:Electrolytic copper(T2 red copper) as per the international standard.

5.Water cooling system.

6.Steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace can meet the requirement of three shifts for 24 hours with stable running.

7.There is no spark during steel pipe transmission.

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