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Steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment

Steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment


Suitable for steel pipe, seamless pipe, stainless steel pipe and other metal workpiece anti-corrosion treatment.

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Forever Electromechanical has accumulated many years of relevant experience in the field of induction heating, and can customize steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment,Steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment , internal and external anti-corrosion steel pipe coating equipment for you according to customer requirements. There are many cases of Forever Electromechanical internal and external anti-corrosion steel pipe coating equipment. The medium-frequency induction heating equipment adopts human-machine interface PLC fully automatic intelligent control system, with stable performance, and the  medium frequency heat treatment equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Features of induction heating furnace for pipeline hot spraying :

1. The steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment adopts the new induction heating technology, and the steel pipe produced is quite good.

2. The control of medium-frequency air-cooled induction heating power supply makes it in the forefront of technology in the field of steel pipe anti-corrosion.

3. The input and output system is made of non-magnetic stainless steel, which makes the steel pipe after heating and spraying free of wear, uniform spraying and condensation.

4. Fast heating and uniform temperature.

5. The air-cooled induction heating power supply eliminates the problems of water blockage and ice in winter.

6. The installation and operation of the connecting line can quickly complete the coating of the anti-corrosion steel pipe and can be started.

7. PLC human-machine interface control program of steel pipe corrosion protection equipment, multi-point temperature control function, temperature rise and temperature drop speed control.

8. The operation is simple, and the operator can operate the equipment in a few minutes without professional knowledge.

9. The sprayed steel pipe has the advantages of salt spray resistance, moisture release, long service life and wear resistance. The steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment adopts the American Raytheon thermometer for temperature control. Its main parameters are as follows:

Two-color infrared temperature measurement and display

The temperature measuring device adopts non-contact two-color infrared thermometer, which can be used for temperature measurement in harsh environment with dust and smoke. It is equipped with temperature display and multiple output interfaces for printers or recording instruments. There is temperature display on the external control panel, which is characterized by high accuracy, good reliability and strong resistance to environmental impact.

When the measured temperature exceeds the set value, there is sound and light alarm function.

The parameters of two-color infrared thermometer are as follows:

Thermometer model: Raytek MRISASF

Measuring temperature range: 600-1400° C

Measurement accuracy:± 0.75%

Repetition accuracy:± of full scale; 0.3%

Response time: less than 10 milliseconds

Ambient temperature: 0-50 ℃,

Output: 4-20mA

After-sales service of Steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment :

1. For interested customers, our company can send technicians to the customer’s site for technical discussion in advance, provide complete product technical data, recommend appropriate models and power configurations, and reasonably arrange a complete set of medium-frequency diathermy equipment.

2. Forever M&E provides on-site installation and commissioning for customers. After the installation and commissioning, the supplier’s engineers will continue to provide on-site equipment use training for the user’s technicians and operators, including the correct use and operation of the equipment, the general troubleshooting and daily maintenance of the steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment, etc.

3. The warranty period of products sold by Forever Electromechanical is 12 months. During the warranty period, the maintenance costs due to product quality problems shall be borne by our company. For the failure caused by human damage or improper use and the maintenance costs of products beyond the warranty period, the company will charge the cost of repair parts at its discretion.

4. Forever Electromechanical provides long-term technical consulting services for induction heating equipment free of charge, including the removal of simple faults of steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment, the solution of professional technical problems, and the production of sensors.


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