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Billet induction Heating System

Billet induction Heating System


1.Application:Heat Treatment for steel billet,steel bar,steel pipe,steel strip,steel wire

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product;Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace billet induction heating system has fast heating speed,high heating efficiency and save electricity at 60% compared with electronic tube high frequency equipment.Our billet heating system has function of over current, over voltage and over heat protection,which improves the quality of the heated material and simplified the worker’s operation technology.


Steel Billet Heating System Configurations and Usage:

  CONFIGURATIONS                                                    USAGE
PLC Console Available to record,storage,inquiry,print all the production real parameters(including production efficiency,material temperature,power supply running parameters).
Heavy Billet Lifting Machine Used to lift bigger diameter and heavier billet automatically.The worker can adjust the speed with converter and time relay,which reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.
Rotary Table Type Automatic Feeding Machine Working with roller feeding device to achieve fully automatic production,reducing the labor cost
Steel billet Separation Device with Infrared Thermometer Setting the temperature range of heated billet as per production temperature requirements.Then we can separate high temperature billet from low temperature billet.
Pinch Roller Feeding Device Working with fully automatic feeding machine to achieve automatic production
Small automatic supplying and Air Cylinder Pushing Device Automatic feeding to avoid labor’s missing material
Chain fast lifting machine Used for drawing off the long steel billet quickly or furnace protection

billet-induction-reheating-furnace 钢坯感应加热炉

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Forever Furnace can not only provide the best quality steel billet heating system,but also we are the induction heating system specialist who can give you the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.


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