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Stainless Steel Hardening and Tempering System

Stainless Steel Hardening and Tempering System


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Stainless Steel,Medium Carbon Steel,Spring Steel,Hydraulic Cylinder,Oil Drill Pipe

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product; Professional Customization  

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Forever stainless steel hardening and tempering system is non-standard product, so we provide our customers professional customization service.The customers only need to tell us the dimensions of the stainless steel need to be heated,heating temperature,heating efficiency and power you require.Then our engineer will offer you the most reasonable technical solutions and the sales person will give you the price as soon as possible.

Main Features of Stainless Steel Hardening and Tempering System

Forever Stainless Steel Hardening and Tempering System includes storage rack,hardening feeding machine,hardening heating module, hardening discharging machinery,straightening machine,water cooling system,tempering feeding machine,tempering heating module, temperature holding module,tempering discharging machine and unloading rack.Friendly man-machine interface, PLC and automatic control system has reached the domestic leading level in the same industry and get good comment and promotion from mining equipment department.Stainless steel hardening and tempering system has tension detection and control device which ensure the stainless steel can be heated under the conditions of constant micro tension.With high precision non-contact infrared thermometer, our stainless steel  hardening and tempering system have automatic adjusting function of hardening and tempering temperature to ensure the product stability.

Forever Service Commitment for Induction Heating System

1.Forever company has professional after-sales service team, and specialized personnel will provide superior after-salves service  which has procedure and standardization.

2.Set up a special registration and reply within 24 hours.

3.For customers’ requirement that must be on-site treatment,we will arrange technician within 48 hours.

4.Visit the users’ factory to deal with problems regularly and have a better understanding of the equipment running status.

5.For the new equipment, we will call our customers for feedback every 15 days.

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If you need to know more details about stainless steel induction hardening and tempering equipment,please feel free to contact with us.


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