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Induction pipe heat treatment furnace

Induction pipe heat treatment furnace


Material  20Cr、30Cr、40Cr、35CrMo、42CrMo、40CrNiMoA
Convey mode Roller table
Control system Closed-loop temperature control

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Hebei Forever Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an independent research and development, sales, service in one, specialized production of petroleum steel pipe induction heating machine , petroleum cracking pipe quenching and tempering production line, steel rod heating furnace, petroleum seamless steel pipe quenching and tempering production line, threaded steel quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, billet induction heating furnace, etc. Yuantuo induction heating equipment adopts automatic intelligent control system,FOREVER machine. Electricity is free to provide users with the technical scheme and quotation of induction heating equipment for petroleum steel pipes! Welcome new and old customers to visit our factory!

Basic information for pipe induction heat treatment machine

Material  20Cr、30Cr、40Cr、35CrMo、42CrMo、40CrNiMoA
Brand Yuantuo
Convey mode Roller table
Power 100-8000KW
Control system Closed-loop temperature control

Characteristics of pipe inductoin heat treatment machine: (Compared with gas furnace and resistance furnace heating)

1. As the heat is generated inside the heated workpiece, the temperature of the pipe Induction heat treatment heater  will be increased quickly. The surface of the workpiece is less oxidized and decarbonized, and the raw material is saved. The induction heating temperature is more uniform and the temperature difference at the core to surface is small. The application of the temperature control system can achieve precise control of the heating temperature and improve the quality of the pipes and the pipe qualified rate.

2. The pipe has good hardenability and high straightness in quenching. Compared with gas furnace, induction heat treating furnace can be instant start and stop and can reverse if there is mechanical problem. After induction heat treating, no need to use straightening machine for the following process.

3. The pipe induction heat treatment machine adopts PLC automatic control system, all-digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, strict level management system, and one-click restoration function.

4. With pipe induction heat treatment machine, the working environment is good as induction heating method will not produce smoke, gas or noise.


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