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Metal induction hardening machine

Metal induction hardening machine


Application: Hardening & Tempering

Workpiece: Tubing, casing, drill pipe, sucker rod

Length Allow:Not limited

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induction metal hardening machine configuration:

1. Feeding mechanism

2. Feeding structure

3. Quenching induction heating system

4. Quenching spray system

5. Discharge system

6. Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply

7. PLC Man-Machine Interface General Console

8. Infrared Thermometer


The characteristics of metal continuous quenching furnace are as follows:

1. Intelligent medium frequency induction heating power supply can greatly save electricity, save energy and protect environment by controlling metal surface quenching equipment.

2.induction heating furnace adopts PLC control program, fully automatic intelligent, high reliable performance.

3. It will not bring network side pollution, no heat of transformer, no heat of compensated capacitor and no interference to other equipment.

4. No over-burning, no deformation and no bending of the workpiece after quenching in a metal quenching furnace.

5. Yuantuo Electrical Machinery has nearly 20 years of rich experience in induction heating in the manufacture of surface quenching equipment for stainless steel pipes. We are confident to satisfy customers both in technology research and development and after-sales maintenance.

6. The metal straightness after metal surface quenching equipment treatment is high, and there is no need for straightening machine.

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