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Induction quenching and tempering equipment

Induction quenching and tempering equipment


Application: Hardening & Tempering

Material Heated:45#、40Cr、42CrMo、65Mn

Diameter Allow: Φ20-110mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product Name: Induction quenching and tempering equipment

Typical Application:

Forever quenching and tempering furnace has self-designed MF and HF power supply and mature induction heating technology. Forever will be responsible for fabrication supply & commissioning of quenching and tempering furnace for your work piece to meet your production requirements. For quenching and tempering furnace, Forever has already had many cases, so we are very familiar with the heat treatment process for different material of work piece.


 Induction quenching and tempering equipment application

●  Mining machinery: Single prop, long metal beam, U type steel frame, type beam, grinding rod, bulldozer blade
● Auto parts industry: Stabilizer, leaf spring, torsion bar
● Petroleum machinery industry: Drill pipe, drill collar, sucker rod, tubing, casing, seamless pipe, weld pipe
● Wind power industry: Wind turbine bolt, anchor bolt

Hardening processes are used to improve specific mechanical properties to a component in order to render it fit for use.
Tempering is a low temperature (150ºC to 650ºC) heat treatment intended to remove the stresses and brittleness caused by quenching and to develop the required mechanical properties.

Hardening and tempering furnace advantages

●  Uniform heating, very less oxidation
●  Frequency Control and heating times
●  Cooling control
●  Energy saving
●  No physical contact
●  Control and located heat
●  Can be integrated in production lines
●  Improved environmental conditions
● Good heat treatment effect, no need straightening

Hardening and tempering furnace parts

●  Automatic feeder,transmission device
●  Induction heating furnace
●  Quenching box
●  Tempering furnace
●  Automatic discharging
●  IF power supply
●  Remote console

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