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Heat Treatment Hardening Furnace

Heat Treatment Hardening Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Shaft,Bearing,Guide rail,Chain wheel,Tracklink,Drill pipe,Sucker rod

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace heat treatment hardening furnace is non-standard product. So the user need to provide material grade, material dimension, heating temperature, heating efficiency and heating effect you need, then our engineer will give you technical heat treatment hardening furnace solutions and prices.

Application of Heat Treatment Hardening Furnace

1. IF induction heating equipment is mainly used (forging industry);

2. IF complete quenching production line is mainly used (oil, mining machinery industry);

3.IF, super audio quenching equipment is mainly used in (auto parts industry);

4. Medium frequency induction melting furnace used in (the foundry industry);

5. IGBT ultra-audio frequency induction heating equipment used in (heat assembly for auto axle);

6.General and special induction hardening machine used in (car axle, duplex hardening) and other industries;

7.Spare parts of IF induction furnace accessories (SCR, IGBT module, furnace building machine, asbestos – ring)

After-sales Service of Forever Furnace Heat Treatment Hardening Furnace

1.We will provide the complete technical documents including circuit diagram.

2.Free field installment and debugging.

3.Provide training for the operation and daily maintenance.

4.Give response within 24 hours since receiving user’s call or email.

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Forever Furnace is engaged in the field of medium frequency heating equipment and produce furnaces for diathermy, melting, holding, hardening, hardening and tempering which are used in steel, foundry, steel and other related fields.We can provide users with premium services only in induction heating field.

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