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Billet reheating furnace-FOREVER

Billet reheating furnace-FOREVER


Application Billet heating, reheating, preheating, forging, hot rolling
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product Name: Billet induction reheating machine

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Featuring fast, clean and energy efficient continuous online billet reheating furnace, induction heating with Forever equipment is the ideal billet reheating method for achieving a quality finished product.



Billet induction reheating furnace characteristics

● The equipment has self-diagnostic function, that means it will record and display fault and alarm reason,then you can deal with the failure.

● In the whole process, the operator only need to put the material in the storage rack, and the system will operate automatically after setting the program on PLC console.

● Customized design and production according to customer’s induction heat treating requirement.

● Successful start-up rate is 100%. The operator can start the power supply frequently.It’s safe and reliable.

● Operation and debugging is simple.The power supply can exclude all kinds of misuse or malfunction.User can install or debug as per the instructions without professional guidance.

● The induction coil adopts high purity copper pipe with special coating material inside and outside coil wall, and the fire resistance temperature can be 1800℃,so the induction heater service life has been extended greatly, reducing the repair cost in future.

induction billet heating furnace

● Perfect quality assurance system. One year quality guarantee period and free spare parts for the equipment fault during the quality guarantee period.

● Technical support system: After you buy our billet reheating furnace, we will provide a full range of technology about billet reheating. For any problems during the equipment operation, we will put forward the solutions.

● Complete repair parts, transparent maintenance price list, adhere to the service honesty.

● Efficient fault handling procedures. We promise to provide customers with detailed troubleshooting within 24 hours after receiving the call.

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billet-induction-reheating-furnace 钢坯感应加热炉

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