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Steel bar heat treatment machine

Steel bar heat treatment machine


● Application: Heat treatment line for long bar, long shaft, long round bar

● Size : ø20mm or more

●  Material: S45C, SCM440,42CRMO4, 16MNCR5, 40CR4

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The new energy-saving thyristor series resonant steel bar heat treatment machine has a power factor of ≥0.96, no higher harmonics, low power consumption, stable quality and excellent performance. Free to provide users with excellent steel bar heat treatment machine solutions and quotations.

forever furnace part● Equipment Name: Steel bar heat treatment machine
● Equipment brand: Forever
● Non-standard Customization: yes
● Workpiece material: Carbon steel alloy steel, etc.
● Delivery time: 20-30 daysline

The steel bar induction heat treatment equipment is controlled by the intermediate frequency power supply.

● Rectifier inverter thyristor intelligent control system with remote operation control and data acquisition, data can be permanently saved.
● Closed-loop monitoring and protection, safe and reliable, high stability.
● It can achieve high power matching, ensuring maximum equipment efficiency and energy saving optimization.
●Customized full bridge, half bridge, medium frequency, super audio, high frequency integrated induction heating power supply according to user requirements, that is to say, an induction heating power supply can have all the above functions. An inductive power supply can accommodate workpiece heating with different magnetic permeability, different sizes and different frequencies required for quenching or diathermy.
● Fault alarm indication, partial device damage alarm, self-diagnosis fault cause, multi-stage time control setting, power level stepless adjustment.

Features of steel bar heat treatment machine:

1. The bar heat treatment furnace has fast heating speed, less oxidative decarburization and high success rate of starting.
2.The conveyor roller is using non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled, strong anti-corrosion ability, long service life. The inductorr is isolated by a transformer and is safe and reliable.
3.Using PLC man-machine interface combined control program, advanced technology, all-digital and high-depth adjustable parameters.
4. After quenching and tempering, there is no over-burning, no crack.

induction-hardening-tempering-furnace 感应调质炉

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