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large billet induction heating furnace

large billet induction heating furnace


Used for Continuous casting billet, small square billet
Size ≥50*50mm
Control system Siemens PLC

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PLC fully automatic intelligent control of the whole process of  Large billet heating furnace , Hebei FOREVER  Induction heting furnace for billet safety, environmental protection, energy saving. “One-button operation” makes the operation easier and the quality of products reliable. By choosing induction heating equipment for billet, you can enjoy the superior price of  billet induction heating machine , because we are a direct manufacturer.

steel billet induction heating machine

Billet induction heating machine configuration:

1.12 Pulse Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply Cabinet
2. Medium Frequency Capacitor Cabinet
3. Induction billet heater
4. Connection Wire of Induction Heater to Medium Frequency Power Cabinet
5. Console, including frequency control, PLC, touch screen, temperature controller, etc.
6. Dual-color American Raytheon Infrared Thermometer.
7. High Voltage Distribution Cabinet.
8. Feeding device, including independent motor, reducer, roller, etc.

Characteristics of induction reheating furnace:

The oxygen-free copper winding is used in T2 copper tube of induction heating equipment for billet.
The wall thickness of the furnace is greater than or equal to 2.5 mm.
The material that keeps the furnace temperature has good characteristics, high strength, high temperature resistance and long service life.
The magnetic flux leakage can be reduced and the service life of billet heating furnace can be improved.
The lining of the furnace is made of high strength aluminium alloy, which can reduce magnetic leakage.

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