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Heat treatment furnace of steel rods

Heat treatment furnace of steel rods


● Application: Heat treatment line for rod, pipe, plate

● Size : ø20mm or more

●  Material: S45C, SCM440,42CRMO4, 16MNCR5, 40CR4

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Forever is a large-scale heat treatment furnace of steel rods manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of heat treatment furnace of steel rods used for different industries, dedicated to the design and production of high-performance bar heat treatment furnace. So far, Forever has already manufactured a lot of sets of induction heat treatment lines for torsion bar, threaded rod, grinding rod, bolt, oil tubing, drill pipe and so on. Welcome to contact us .

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At present, our company has successfully customized four sets of heat treatment furnace of steel rods for an automobile parts manufacturer, the specific parameters are as follows:

1. Heating steel material: low alloy steel.
2. Dimension of torsion bar required for quenching and tempering: (Ø 17 ~ 24) mm * (1005~1167) mm
3.Quenching heating temperature: About 850℃(the specific heating temperature is adjusted according to the requirements of heat treatment process).
4. Design power and frequency: KGPS100KW frequency range 2000 to 3000Hzline

According to our practical experience in the process of heat treatment of torsion bar, it is necessary to consider in designing and producing the production line of heat treatment of torsion bar.

1. Homogeneous heating: The angle between roller axes and workpiece axis is 18~21°. The workpiece will go forward and rotate by itself at the same time. 304 non magnetic stainless steel and water cooling are used in the furnace. .

2. Uniform cooling: The spray system adopts multi-stage spray cooling, and the pressure and flow between different spray rings can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different hardenability. The torsion bar will be placed in the middle position of the sprinkler ring to ensure uniform water pressure and flow.

3. The heat treatment furnace of steel rods adopts the American Raytek thermometer for closed-loop temperature control. The heating is uniform and the qualified rate of the finished product is high.

4.After quenching and tempering, the automobile torsion bar does not produce cracks and deformation. Toughness is strong.

After sale service of steel rod induction hardening and tempering furnace:

1. According to the enterprise standard, the product is guaranteed free of charge for 12 months with life-long maintenance.

2. Response within 24 hours once get the email or call from users.

3.There are many kinds of spare parts in our warhouse all the time, so we can send the parts to users at any time once it is necessary.

Service commitments:

1. Technical guidance for products, installation and commissioning of heat treatment furnace of steel rods.

2. Provide local training to the operators.

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