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Grinding Rod Induction Heating Equipment

Grinding Rod Induction Heating Equipment


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Grinding rod,Piston rod,Sucker rod,Oil drill pipe,Oil drill pipe,Oil cylinder

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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grinding rod induction heating equipment is designed and manufactured by Forever Furnace which is the professional induction heating system supplier for over 20 years.Forever Furnace has provided a large number of induction heating equipment to many users and got good reputations from them.Our grinding rod heating equipment can be used for petroleum machinery,chemical machinery,mining machinery and machinery processing industry.

Application for Grinding Rod Induction Heating Equipment

1.Forging Heating: Diathermy for bars,grinding rod,round steel,piston rod,sucker rod,oil drill pipe,oil drill pipe,oil cylinder;temperature compensation and raising for steel billet,billet,slab;partial heating and metal material online forging,extrusion,hot rolling, hot shearing,spray heating for gear,axle shaft and bearing;hardening and tempering for metal material.

2.Heat Treatment:Mainly for shaft (straight shaft, shaft diameter, camshaft, crankshaft, gear shaft);hardening and tempering,annealing and tempering for machine screw; guide-way; plane; ball head; hardware tools.

Forever Furnace After-sales Service Commitment for grinding rod induction heating equipment

1.Forever company has professional after-sales service team, and specialized personnel will provide superior after-salves service  which has procedure and standardization.

2.Set up a special registration and reply within 24 hours.

3.For customers’ requirement that must be on-site treatment,we will arrange technician within 48 hours.

4.Visit the users’ factory to deal with problems regularly and have a better understanding of the equipment running status.

5.For the new equipment, we will call our customers for feedback every 15 days.

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As an experienced manufacturer,Forever Furnace can not only supply the best quality induction heating system but also we are the specialist who can provide you the most suitable induction heat treatment solutions!


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