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Tracklink Hardening and Tempering Equipment

Tracklink Hardening and Tempering Equipment


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Tracklink,Guide Rail,Chain wheel,Sprocket wheel,Auto rear axle

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Tracklink hardening and tempering equipment is designed and produced by Forever Furnace.We have exported many sets of tracklink hardening and tempering equipment so far, which all got very good feedback from our users with their uniform heating, uniform hardness and low failure rate.

Please tell us the outline dimension,heating temperature and heating efficiency.We will give you the best offer and solutions.

Advantages of Tracklink Hardening and Tempering Equipment

1.We can supply the complete set including the automatic feeding system,transmission system,hardening system,cooling system,tempering system and automatic discharging system,IGBT power supply and PLC whole process control.

2.The transmission speed is adjustable,so our equipment can satisfy customer requirement in different production rate.

3.To ensure the stability of the product quality,we control the whole processing temperature strictly with the high accuracy and non-contact infrared thermometer.

4.With the tension monitor and control device for the steel pipe production line,we can do the induction heat treatment in the constant micro tension condition.

Tracklink Hardening and Tempering Equipment After-sales Service

1.”1+2″mode.We will arrange one sales person and one after-sales person to track the equipment once you buy our tracklink Hardening and Tempering Equipment.

2.Provide field installing, adjusting and technical training about operation and maintenance.

3.Provide the whole technical document including electrical diagram.

4.Provide a list of free spare parts.

5.One year quality guarantee period and lifelong maintenance.

For more details about induction hardening and tempering equipment, please feel free to contact us. Forever Furnace will be at your service anytime. for QT line vistingcompany introduce

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