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Induction heating furnace for forging

Induction heating furnace for forging


Application Bars,billet, slab heating before forging, extrusion and hot rolling
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard Professional Customization

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Product Name: Induction forging heating furnace

Typical Application: Forever  induction furnace for forging, medium frequency induction furnace for forging is mainly used for metal heating, hardening and tempering, annealing, tempering before forging, extrusion, hot rolling and hot shear


induction heating furnace for forging main features:

● The user only need to put the work piece in the storage rack, then start the power supply, driving and transmission system, then the 

Induction heating furnace will run automatically as per the setting heating temperature and production efficiency.

● All the running parameters can be recorded, inquiry and printed.

● For different sizes of bars or pipes, the user can replace the corresponding inductors( the inductors are quick change structure, user can finish replacement within 15 minutes).

● The IF power supply control circuit is our unique patented technology, DSP control,the frequency is available for the range of 200-8000 HZ to be suitable for large bars or pipes heating, which has high reliability.

Forging-induction-heat-treatment-furnace 锻造感应加热处理炉


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