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Thread bar heat treatment line

Thread bar heat treatment line


●  Steel grade :CK45, C40, 40Cr

●  Bar size      :Ø12-50mm

●  Bar length : 1.5-4m

●  Productivity: Customized made as per user’s requirement  

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Forever Thread bar heat treatment line is customized designed and manufactured as per customer’s requirement. After heat treatment, the thread bars can be 8.8 grade and will not get bend. So the user doesn’t need straightening machine with our induction heating system.

●  Steel grade :CK45, C40, 40Cr
●  Bar size      :Ø12-50mm
●  Bar length : 1.5-4m
●  Productivity: Customized made as per user’s requirement
● Heating way: Electromagnetic induction heating

Thread bar heat treatment furnace

Main configuration for Thread bar heat treatment line

● Intermediate Frequency Power Supply for quenching: KGPS200KW
●  Intermediate Frequency Power Supply for tempering:KGPS160KW
● Induction heating coils
● Resonant capacitor and furnace cabinet
● Spray cooling system
● Roller transportation system
●  Remote control with PLC touch screen
●  Remote console
● Enclosed cooling machine (Optional)

Induction heating coils features

Copper tube use T2 oxygen-free copper winding.The wall thickness of the inductor is more than or equal to 3.0mm.The material of inductor holding temperature has good features of high strength, high temperature resistance and longer service life.Using 5mm copper plate to cover inductor inlet and outlet,which can reduce the magnetic leakage and increase service life.The cabinet under the inductor is made of high strength aluminum alloy, which can reduce the magnetic leakage and the influence of heat on other devices.There is a water cooling carrier roller between every two inductors, equipped with one frequency conversion motor for each carrier roller.

Our bar induction heating equipment is widely used for various kinds of bars heat treatment, such as thread bars, rebars, deformed bars, grinding rod, sucker rod, torsion bars, shaft etc. 



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