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Induction billet heater

Induction billet heater


● Steel range material need to be heated: Q345;Q235

● Steel billet dimension:120mm×120mm×6000mm

●Billet rolling temperature: 1050℃~1100℃

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Technical parameters for induction billet heater

● Steel range material need to be heated: Q345Q235
● Steel billet dimension:120mm×120mm×6000mm
● Steel billet Max. Camber before charging into the furnace:≤4mm/M  1000mm
● Billet surface temperature before reheating: ≥850℃
● Billet rolling temperature: 1050℃1100℃
● Billet reheating capacity: 40t/h

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Details for induction billet heater inline

● Control for heating process:PLC automatic control for the whole heating process and show the production records such as the quantity or heating temperature of billet and so on.

●  There is infrared thermometer at charging and discharging induction heater. The temperature difference between the head and the tail is less than 40℃.

● Water cooling carrier roller :Non-magnetic stainless steel

● Frequency control range(practical range)

● Power Requirement:Double power transformer of 10KV/660V*2,the output power is  12-pulse rectifier medium frequency power supply can reduce the harmonic pollution and improve work efficiency greatly.

Induction heating coil design

The induction heating coil is designed and made as per work piece shape;;Copper tube use T2 oxygen-free copper winding.The wall thickness of the furnace is more than or equal to 2.5mm. America import material of furnace holding temperature has good features of high strength, high temperature resistance and longer service life.Packaged with 5mm copper plate to the furnace inlet and outlet,which can reduce the magnetic leakage and increase service life.The cabinet under the furnace is made of non-magnetic stainless steel or aluminum alloy, which can reduce the magnetic leakage and the influence of heat on other devices.There is a water cooling carrier roller equipped with one frequency conversion motor between every two furnaces.

Vertical feeding induction heating equipment: The billet will run at uniform speed in the induction heater driven by motor and roller. The billet will be heated evenly; heat loss will be less; heating efficiency will be higher.This is suitable for longer billet (more than 1.5 meters in length). and less heat loss and high heating efficiency, the heating billet for longer The vertical feeding  way has higher cost earlier, but it has good features of automatic, easier operation and can work with other equipment together.

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