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Steel Wire Annealing Heating Equipment

Steel Wire Annealing Heating Equipment


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Steel wire,Oil drill pipe,Oil casting pipe,Tracklink,Guide rail

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Specialized in manufacturing steel wire annealing heating equipment for more than 16 years, Forever Furnace main products includes steel bar induction heating furnace, billet induction heating production line, steel ball hot rolling production line, slab hardening system and so on. Our products are non-standard, so please let us know your workpiece’s parameters when you send us inquiry!

Steel Wire Annealing Heating Equipment Application

1.Diathermy and Forming.
A.Hot rolling for various standard parts, fasteners, machinery parts, hardware tools and straight shank twist.
B.Annealing heating for metal material such as tensile steel tube, pipe, smashed head; wire, heating wire nail; stainless steel products annealing.

2.Heat Treatment
local hardening and overall hardening for various types of hardware tools, power tools, hydraulic, pneumatic components, gas, motorcycle parts and other surface. Such as: hammers, knives, scissors, pliers and various types of shafts, cams, sprockets, gears, valve.

3. Brazing
Welding for brass, copper, stainless steel pot and other metal materials; Composite welding for various types of carbide blades, turning, milling, planer, reamer, diamond saw blade, serrated welding; grinding, drilling, welding and cutting tools.

4. Metal melting: melting for gold, silver, copper and so on.

5.The other heating area.

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Forever Furnace can not only supply good quality steel wire annealing heating equipment but also we are specialist of induction heat treatment equipment who can provide you the most energy saving and suitable equipment.

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