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Slab Heating Furnace

Slab Heating Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Slab,Bar,Billet,Round bar,Deformed rod,Sucker rod,Drill pipe

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace slab heating furnace has good quality and reasonable price.

Our slab heating furnace can be used for slab heating, bar heating,pipe heating,billet heating,aluminum heating,copper heating and so on.With advanced induction heating technology and thoughtful service, Forever Furnace will be your best partner.

More than 10 years of producing experience, Forever slab heating furnace adopts  fully automatic intelligent control system, full digital medium frequency power supply full digital with function of high depth adjustable parameters, which can ensure the slab heating furnace can work stably.

Main Features for Slab Heating Furnace
1.All solid state IGBT frequency conversion and function regulation. Soft switching resonant double control and frequency automatic tracking technology is the guarantee of high reliability;
2.Small size can save 10 times of production space for customers;
3.High efficiency and energy saving. High power factor and power efficiency in full power range;
4.Automatic tracking ability from 1-20 broadband frequency.No need field debugging;
5.100% full load, 24 hours of continuous work capacity;
6.Constant output voltage / constant output power control selection function;
7.Frequency, power, voltage and current full display
Full Service for Slab Heating Furnace

Before sales service: professional consultation, reasonable suggestion, scientific plan;

Sale in service: delivery service, installation guide, free training;

After sales service: professional maintenance, customer files, quality tracking.

Forever Furnace is the professional producer of slab heating furnace.Our main related induction heat treatment equipment has slab induction heating furnace, slab induction hardening furnace, slab annealing furnace and slab hardening and tempering furnace. Welcome your inquiry! vistingcompany introduce


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