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Leaf Spring Heat Treatment Furnace

Leaf Spring Heat Treatment Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Leaf spring,Spring,Auto spare parts,Auto front axle,Ribbed bar,Gear

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace leaf spring heat treatment furnace can be used for leaf spring heat treatment, leaf spring hardening, leaf spring tempering, leaf spring hardening and tempering and so on.

Before spring heating are fuel combustion, but the fuel and coal are non renewable resources. Combustion exhaust will pollute  the environment and combustion temperature is not easy to control.

Now we use induction heat treatment equipment which has high thermal efficiency, fast heating speed and no pollution to the environment. Also the heating temperature is easy to control and energy saving.So most of people prefer to use leaf spring heat treatment furnace with induction heating technology.

Main Features of Leaf Spring Heat Treatment Furnace

1.With series-resonant circuit  design, all the control circuit is integrated. The starting and operation is very easy to master with low failure rate and low maintenance costs.

2.Forever Furnace leaf spring heat treatment furnace quality is good which has a wide range of industrial applications.

3.Easy installation; small size and light weight, easy to use; simple operation; fast start; low power consumption.

4. Uniform heating; power adjustable; perfection protection.

5.The power of Forever Furnace leaf spring heat treatment furnace can be  100KW-10000KW. We  provide users with a standard and non-standard leaf spring heat treatment furnace, various heat treatment equipment. vistingcompany introduce

Forever Furnace is the professional producer of leaf spring heat treatment furnace.If you have any questions about leaf spring heat treatment,please contact us.

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