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Induction Diathermy Furnace

Induction Diathermy Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Round steel,Stainless steel,Square steel,Carbon steel,Deformed steel

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace is specialized in manufacturing induction diathermy furnace which is used for material heat treatment such as square steel induction diathermy, round steel induction diathermy, steel bar induction diathermy and so on.

Application of Induction Diathermy Furnace

1. Surface hardening for gear, shaft, crankshaft, cam, roller and other parts. The purpose is to improve the wear resistance and the ability to resist fatigue breaking of these parts.

2. Induction heating surface hardening for automobile rear axle. The service life is longer than ones with hardening and tempering heat treatment.

3. Induction heating surface hardening of the workpiece material is generally medium carbon steel.

4.Induction surface hardening for high carbon steel and cast iron.

After-sales Service for Induction Diathermy Furnace

1.Provide field installing and debugging induction diathermy furnace.In addition, we will give a professional training for the induction diathermy furnace.

2.Provide the technical documents along with induction diathermy furnace.

3.If there is any problem with the new equipment,you can contact us any time.And our sales person can speak English fluently.

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Forever Furnace is the professional manufacturer of induction heat treatment equipment, you only need to tell us the dimension,heating temperature and production capacity, then we will give you the best offer and the most suitable solutions.
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