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IGBT Induction Heating Furnace

IGBT Induction Heating Furnace


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Bars,Round steel,Pipes,Billet,Gear,Shaft,Bearing,Drill pipe,Chain wheel

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace IGBT induction heating furnace can satisfy heating requirement of different shapes with power of 300-8000Hz.

Our IGBT induction heating furnace can be used for diathermy of bar,round steel, square steel and slab, local heating, forging for gear,piston rod and bearing, hot rolling and shearing.

Mode of Temp. Control: 

Closed loop temperature control with temperature feedback from pyrometer / Thermocouple in semi-automatic, automatic mode.

Open loop temperature control should also be provided in manual mode of operation.

Setting of Temperature: 

Provision for setting of parameters like power, billet travel speed/time etc., in HMI, PLC to be provided depending on the material grade & size of billet to be heated to the desired temperature.

Features of IGBT Induction Heating Furnace

1. Simple production operations, flexible automatic feeding materials, high degree of automation which achieves online heating process.

2. Fast work piece heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high efficiency, good quality forgings;

3. Accurate control for the length, temperature and speed of material heating.   

4. Uniform heating for the work piece and little temperature difference from the surface and the core ; high control precision;   

5. The inductors can be designed and produced according to customer’s requirement.    

6. The comprehensive energy-saving optimization design; low power consumption, high efficiency, lower costs than coal heating.

After-sales Service for IGBT Induction Heating Furnace

1.Responsible for field installing and adjusting for our induction heating equipment and provide professional training about operation and daily maintenance.

2.Provide the complete technical documents including electrical diagram.

3.Provide a list of free spare parts along with our induction heating equipment.

4.Fore new equipment, we will make a inquiry every 15 days.

5.If there is fault that can’t be solved in user’s factory, we will send technician to solve it.

Forever Furance offer professional customization service for IGBT Induction Heating Furnace.Any questions  about medium frequency  heating  equipment, welcome to inquiry us. for QT line


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