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Heating Furnace for Sucker Rod Deoiling

Heating Furnace for Sucker Rod Deoiling


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Sucker rod,Drill pipe,Stainless steel,Steel pipe,Carbon steel,Deformed bar

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product:Professional Customization

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Forever Furnace is specialized in manufacturing heating furnace for sucker rod deoiling for more than 16 years. Our heating furnace for sucker rod deoiling is used for sucker rod heating, sucker rod deoiling heating, sucker rod hardening, sucker tempering and so on.

The Heating furnace for sucker rod deoiling is produced by Forever according to the requirements of the user’s plate and the process. It is based on many years’ experience in the design and production of the Heating furnace for sucker rod deoiling according to the requirements provided by the customers. We will provide more efficient and more energy-efficient heat tretment proposal for many users.

Forever Heating furnace for sucker rod deoiling adopts automatic intelligent control, which has the control performance of computer intelligent interface, remote control and automatic fault diagnosis, high efficiency and energy saving. As long as the customer provides the workpiece requirements of the required equipment, we will provide you with excellent solutions and services for sucker rod deoiling.

High Automation for Heating Furnace for Sucker Rod Deoiling

1.All the technical parameters will be stored in PLC and the operator only need to set the corresponding data,then the system will start.If you need to find out all the heating parameters, then you can find it in the computer.

2.Friendly man-machine interface:The user can operate without training,so the product quality has nothing with the operators.

Application of Heating Furnace for Sucker Rod Deoiling

1. Induction heating for gear, shaft, crankshaft, cam, roller and other parts. The purpose is to improve the wear resistance and the ability to resist fatigue breaking of these parts.

2. Induction heating for automobile rear axle. The service life is longer than ones with hardening and tempering heat treatment.

3. Induction heating surface hardening of the workpiece material is generally medium carbon steel.

4.Induction surface hardening for high carbon steel and cast iron.

Forever Furnace can not only supply heating furnace for sucker rod deoiling with good performance and reasonable price but also we are the specialist of induction heat treatment equipment who can give you the most suitable solutions!