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Steel pipe induction heating furnace

As a forward-looking professional production and manufacturing company for steel pipe induction heating furnace, we will be fully equipped and produce new IGBT induction heating furnace products such as steel pipe heating furnaces. With its leading technology and strategic product layout, Forever will shine brightly in this fierce competition, fully demonstrating the determination and strength of Forever’s high-end electromechanical brand.

Adapting to the development level of domestic medium frequency induction heating equipment, this equipment not only fully meets the development technical requirements of China’s relatively new induction heating equipment, but also establishes a new industry benchmark in terms of equipment structure and energy consumption. More than 20 technological innovations have improved the technical level and market competitiveness of intermediate frequency heating equipment such as Forever’s electromechanical steel pipe heating furnace.

Not only that, the steel pipe induction heating equipment also pays full attention to the new direction of intelligent development, matching with the new generation of LED 7 and 10 inch intelligent LCD large screen technology system, integrating an intelligent environmental sensing warning system, further improving equipment information, equipment control, temperature monitoring, energy analysis, and many other functions.

As an important breakthrough achievement in the development of Forever Electromechanical, the steel pipe heating furnace has seven main technical issues: lightweight, intelligent, large space, low energy consumption, power saving, full temperature environmental adaptability, and full life cycle cost. A truly technologically advanced wholehearted induction heating equipment.


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