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Oil tube quenching and tempering production line

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in providing customers with oil tubing heat treatment line. The oil tube quenching and tempering production line is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with high production efficiency. The input and output system of the oil tube quenching and tempering production line is welded with non-magnetic stainless steel material, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life. After quenching and tempering treatment, there is less oxidation and decarbonization. Therefore, when purchasing medium frequency induction heating equipment, we choose Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


The characteristics of the oil casing pipe heating quenching and tempering production line are:

1. Controlled by an intermediate frequency series resonant induction heating power supply, fully digital, touch screen display.

2. Petroleum steel pipes require uniform heating, quenching, and tempering, high temperature control accuracy, easy to achieve uniform heating, and small temperature difference between the core and surface. The temperature control system can achieve accurate control of temperature.

3. Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, and long service life of oil pipe tempering production line

4. Carefully designed according to the user’s required process, with a high degree of automation, coupled with the pLc control system, it can achieve fully automatic operation of the petroleum steel pipe heat treatment furnace.

5. The oil pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment adopts imported motors, with each axis driven by a reducer and controlled by an independent frequency converter. The operating speed is segmented to ensure that the oil and steel pipe workpiece moves forward at a uniform speed, with uniform heating and quenching.

6. Low energy consumption, pollution-free, and stable process.

7. The processed oil pipe has high hardness, toughness, and other conditions that can meet the standards.

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