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Deformed bar induction heating furnace

The advantages of the deformed bar induction heating furnace:

1. Transfer roller table: The angle axis between the roller shaft and the work is 18-21 °;. The workpiece rotates and advances at a uniform heating speed. The furnace between the drums is 304 non-magnetic stainless steel water-cooled.

2. Temperature closed-loop system: Thread bar heat treatment line adopts a closed-loop control system, with high temperature control accuracy by the American Raytheon infrared thermometer and the German Siemens S7.

3. Feed system: Each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, with independent inverter control; Flexible design speed differential output, segmented speed control.

Forever Electromechanical is a new generation of automatic intelligent induction heating equipment products, and the threaded steel quenching and tempering equipment represents a new record breaking for Forever Electromechanical. Forever continues to provide users with excellent products and continuously develops and updates every induction heating equipment. Forever Electromechanical welcomes new and old customers to visit and inspect!

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